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Bridal Trials

Bridal Trial

To ease any worries, concerns or simply to discuss your makeup needs I would suggest organising a bridal trial prior to your wedding day. 

This will give you a feel for my style, time to discuss your bridal look, playing around with suitable colours to create an individual look.

Why have a trial?

A trial run is more than just a practice run for your makeup. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know me and my skill level and to determine if I am the right fit for you and your special day. You want to be comfortable with me and make sure I am able to execute your desired style &/or makeup look.

While I work with mostly hypoallergenic products, it is possible that you may be allergic to an ingredient in a cosmetic product. Your wedding day is definitely not the day you want to discover you are allergic to latex eyelash glue or the a dye in one of the eye shadows. A trial run gives you the opportunity to test out not only the final look, but also the products used on your face.

Preparation is key. Every bride wants to feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day. By knowing exactly how the day will go and exactly how you will look, we will both be confident that you will look and feel your best!

What is your preference?

Before your trial have a think about the look you would like for your wedding day. Would you like to be a natural goddess or a dramatic queen? 

Remember the look you have in natural light will most defiantly look lighter or less dramatic in photos. 

So if you are after a "Smokey" eye it will look similar to the "Dark" eye in real life or if you are after a "Natural" look you will need a little extra like the "Light" look. 

Before your trial try to think of a style that suits your dress and/or wedding theme. It is great to gather some images of looks that appeal to you and bring them with you on the day, that way I can see what you like and we can be on the same page from the very beginning.

You might get some inspiration here.

We can always chat about this and work together to achieve your chosen style.

Bridal Trial Cost

What is included?

One on one consultation Tailored makeup application to suit your needs.Complimentary lashes either strip lashes or individual lashes.Plus take home a shanghai suzy lipstick of your choice valued at $19.95 free.

Normally trials take about an hour and a half and I usually do them from my home studio in Keiraville. 

Please contact me for dates to arrange a time suitable for you.



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