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Makeup Artist and Owner

I began my passion for makeup like I assume most little girls do by watching their mum apply makeup in the bathroom at home. Being a young ballet dancer my makeup was applied often and I still recall looking at my face in the mirror and wondering in awe of the power of it. I also still vividy remember my Nana's makeup dresser with all her cosmetics laid out... the look, the smell, but in particular the big, soft, fluffy & luxurious powderpuff she used on 'special occasions'. I remember thinking how I couldn't wait to grow up and be just like her but most of all I recall how glamorous and feminine she looked using it sitting in front of that mirror puffy herself with translucent powder. 

Now that I am all grown up I an honoured to have the opportunity to apply makeup to a variety of women for all types of occasions... 
although brides being my favourite! 

My quest is always help you look and feel as glamorous, feminine and beautiful as you should on your wedding day or any other special occasion. I believe true happiness comes from within. Everyone is unique and I aim to tailor each makeup to suit your individual style and purpose. I try to make a conscious effort to listen in the effort to understand your needs and achieve the perfect look.

Trained at the Napoleon Makeup Academy Sydney in 2004 and now have years of experience working with brides, models, photographers and stylists collaborating skills to create all types of beautiful images.

I look forward to working with you and making all your makeup dreams come true.

Cortney xxx